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Albanian, Arbëreshë

A language of Italy

ISO 639-3aae

Population  80,000 (1963 L. Newmark). Ethnic population: 260,000 (Stephens 1976).
Region  South; Calabria, Apulia, Basilicata, Molise, Sicily.
Alternate names   Arbëreshë
Dialects  Sicilian Albanian, Calabrian Albanian, Central Mountain Albanian, Campo Marino Albanian, Molise Albanian. Speakers say the 4 Italian dialects are not mutually inherently intelligible. Lexical similarity: 45% with Tosk Albanian [als].
Classification  Indo-European, Albanian, Tosk
A member of macrolanguage Albanian [sqi] (Albania).
Language use  Strong position in some districts. Taught in some schools. No official status. Home. Also use Italian and regional Italian varieties.
Language development  Bible portions: 1868–1869.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Descendants of 15th century mercenaries and refugees from the Ottoman invasion. Some literature. Agriculturalists; animal husbandry: sheep. Christian.
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