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A language of India

ISO 639-3anp

Population  725,000 in India (1997). Population total all countries: 740,900.
Region  Northern Bihar. Also in Nepal.
Alternate names   Anga, Angikar, Chhika-Chhiki
Dialects  79% inherent intelligibility with Brahmin Maithili. Lexical similarity: 81% (Brahmin) to 87% (non-Brahmin) with Darbhanga Maithili.
Classification  Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Eastern zone, Bihari
Language use  Home, community. All ages. Negative language attitude. Also use Hindi.
Language development  Radio programs.
Writing system  Devanagari script.
Comments  Hindu.

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Language name   Angika
Population  15,900 in Nepal (2001 census).
Region  Terai.
Alternate names  Anga, Angikar, Chhika-Chhiki
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