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A language of Colombia

ISO 639-3cbd

Population  310 (2001).
Region  Upper Vaupés, Yarí, and lower Caquetá rivers, south of Miraflores, around Puerto Nare.
Language maps  Northern Colombia
Southern Colombia
Alternate names   Carihona, Hianacoto-Umaua, Karijona, Omagua, Umawa
Dialects  M. Durbin says possibly 2 separate languages, Hianacoto-Umaua and Carijona. The 2 groups had no contact for many years.
Classification  Carib, Southern, Southeastern Colombia
Language use  Intermarry with other tribes. Some also use Spanish.
Language development  Some interest in literacy.
Comments  OVS. Hunters; fishermen; agriculturalists: manioc. Formerly rubber hunters.
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