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A language of Algeria

ISO 639-3cnu

Population  76,300 (2007 U. Laval). Estimated Beni Menacer population is 61,000 (2007). 15,250 for Chenoui (U. Laval, 2007).
Region  Chenoui in Mount Chenoua area; Beni Menacer west and south of Mount Chenoua area.
Language map  Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Western Sahara
Alternate names   Chenoui
Dialects  Beni Menacer (Tamenracit, tachelhit, Chleuh), Chenoui. Lexical similarity: 77% with Tachawit [shy], 76% with Kabyle [kab].
Classification  Afro-Asiatic, Berber, Northern
Language use  Men and young people also use Algerian Spoken Arabic [arq].
Comments  Muslim.
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