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Maria, Dandami

A language of India

ISO 639-3daq

Population  200,000 (2000).
Region  Chhattisgarh, Bastar, Dantewara districts; Maharashtra, Garhichiroli District.
Alternate names   Bastar Koya, Bison Horn Maria, Maria Gond, Madiya, Dhuru, Dandami Madiya
Dialects  Those in Geedam and Bailadila have 95%-98% mutual intelligibility, 81% of the Sukma variety, but 18%-21% of Maria [mrr], 18%-45% of Muria in Sukma understood the Geedam variety at 81% or lower; those in Bailadila understood Sukma at 92%. May be more than 1 language. A separate language from Northern Gondi [gno], Southern Gondi [ggo], Maria of Garhchiroli, and Koya [kff].
Classification  Dravidian, South-Central, Gondi-Kui, Gondi
Language use  All ages.
Language development  Literacy program in progress. Grammar.
Writing system  Devanagari script.
Comments  A Scheduled Tribe. Speakers are called ‘Maria’. Swidden agriculturalists; peasant agriculturalists; hunter-gatherers. Hindu, traditional religion.