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A language of Malaysia (Sabah)

ISO 639-3drg

Population  15,000 (1991 UBS).
Region  Kudat, Pitas, Labuk-Sugut districts.
Language map  Malaysia - Sabah, reference number 105
Alternate names   Dusun Dayak, Melobong Rungus, Memagun, Memogun, Momogun, Roongas, Rungus Dusun
Dialects  Gandahon, Gonsomon, Nuluw, Pilapazan (Rungus Tanga, Central Rungus). Gonsomon and Nuluw most distinctive dialects. Gandahon is less distinct. Lexical similarity within 86%–96% range.
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, North Borneo, Sabahan, Dusunic, Dusun
Language use  All domains except school. Positive.
Language development  Dictionary. NT: 1981.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Reside on 2 peninsulas surrounding a bay and identify themselves by which side of the bay they come from. Self-identify as Momogun (nomadic) and have complex internal social and ethnic relationships (Appell 1965).