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Dusun Witu

A language of Indonesia (Kalimantan)

ISO 639-3duw

Population  5,000 (2003).
Region  Central Kalimantan Province, South Barito Regency, Pendang and Buntokecil regions; south of Muarateweh.
Language map  Indonesia, Kalimantan, reference number 20
Dialects  Dusun Pepas, Dusun Witu. Most similar to Ma’anyan [mhy], Paku, Dusun Malang [duq], Malagasy [plt]. Lexical similarity: 75% with Ma’anyan, 73% with Paku [pku].
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Greater Barito, East, Central-South, South
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