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Gaelic, Irish

A language of Ireland

ISO 639-3gle

Population  260,000 in Ireland (1983 census). Population total all countries: 391,470.
Region  Western isles northwest and southwest coasts; Galway, part of Mayo, Kerry, Donegal, Meath, Cork, Waterford, Scotland (Albain), Isle of Mann. Also in Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, United States.
Language map  Ireland and United Kingdom
Alternate names   Erse, Gaeilge, Irish
Dialects  Munster-Leinster (Southern Irish), Connacht (Western Irish), Donegal (Ulster, Northern Irish).
Classification  Indo-European, Celtic, Insular, Goidelic
Language use  National language. Also use English.
Language development  Radio programs. Grammar. Bible: 1685–1989.
Writing system  Latin script. Latin script, Gaelic variant.
Comments  Taught as an official language in schools and encouraged by the government. VSO.

Also spoken in:

United Kingdom

Language name   Gaelic, Irish
Population  95,000 in United Kingdom (2004).
Region  Northern Ireland, Fermanagh and Armagh counties, Belfast.
Language map 
Alternate names  Erse, Gaeilge, Irish