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A language of United Kingdom

ISO 639-3glv

Population  Ethnic population: On the Isle of Man: 77,000 residents (1998 United Nations).
Region  Isle of Man.
Alternate names   Gaelg, Gailck, Manx Gaelic
Dialects  Similar to Scottish Gaelic [gla]. Part of British Isles, a Crown Dependency, with its own Parliament, laws, currency, and taxation The United Kingdom represents the Isle of Man at the United Nations.
Classification  Indo-European, Celtic, Insular, Goidelic
Language use  No remaining speakers as of 1974. Efforts to revive it. L2 for several hundred who mainly learned it as adults. Children learn it in play-groups. Manx speaking primary school begun 2001. Used for some public functions.
Language development  Grammar. Bible: 1773.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Supplanted by Manx Vernacular English, which in turn is supplanted by other varieties of English. VSO. Second language only.
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