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A language of Namibia

ISO 639-3hgm

Population  18,400 in Namibia (2006). Population total all countries: 48,400.
Region  Mangetti Dune, Omataku, Grootfontein, Baghani, Tsintsabis. ‘Maroelaboom’ is next to Agricultural gate entering former Bushmanland. Some moved to Kimberley, South Africa. Possibly in Angola, where they are reportedly came from. Also in Botswana, South Africa.
Language map  Namibia, reference number 4
Alternate names   “Saan” , “San”
Dialects  Kedi (Kedde, Keddi), Chwagga, Hain||um (Hei||om, Heikom, Heikum, Heikom Bushman). Somewhat intelligible with Kung-Tsumkwe [ktz] (Ju|’hoan).
Classification  Khoisan, Southern Africa, Central, Hainum
Language use  Also use Afrikaans [afr], English, Nama [naq], or Kwangali [kwn].
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: Low in Afrikaans.
Comments  Hunter-gatherers. Traditional religion, Christian.
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