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A language of Namibia

ISO 639-3knw

Population  1,760 in Namibia (2000). Population total all countries: 6,900.
Region  Okavango and Ovamboland Territory. Also in Angola, South Africa.
Language map  Namibia, reference number 9
Alternate names   !Hu, !Khung, !Ku, !Kung, !Xu, !Xun, !Xung, Ekoka-!Xû, Kung, Qxü
Dialects  Akhoe.
Classification  Khoisan, Southern Africa, Northern
Language development  Bible portions: 1975–1980.
Comments  Possibly the same as Vasekela [vaj]. Traditional religion, Christian.

Also spoken in:


Language name   Kung-Ekoka
Population  1,640 in Angola (2000).
Region  Huíla, Kunene, Kuando Kubango (ILN). Primarily Namibia, Okavango, and Ovamboland Territory.
Alternate names  !Hu, !Ku, !Kung, !Xu, Ekoko-!Xû, Qxû
Comments  Traditional religion, Christian.