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Kurux, Nepali

A language of Nepal

ISO 639-3kxl

Population  28,600 (2001 census), decreasing. Ethnic population: 41,764 Dhagar (Jhagar).
Region  East Terai, Janakpur zone, Dhanusa District, Nausaya Bigha area; India border area, Sarlahi to Jhapa districts.
Language map  Eastern Nepal, reference number 74
Alternate names   Dhangar, Jangad, Janghard, Jhanger, Oraon, Orau, Uraon
Dialects  Different from Kurux [kru] of India and Bangladesh.
Classification  Dravidian, Northern
Language use  Used in business, religion. Also use Maithili [mai], Nagpuri [mar], Bhojpuri [bho], or Assamese [asm].
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: 10%. Bible portions: 1977.
Writing system  Devanagari script.
Comments  The alternate names are used for the people. Jangad recognized as an official nationality. Agriculturalists. Hindu, Christian.