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Miao, Eastern Xiangxi

A language of China

ISO 639-3muq

Population  80,000 (1995 F. Wang).
Region  West Hunan Province, Luxi, Guzhang, Jishou and Longshan counties, some in Hubei.
Language map  Southern China, reference number 32
Alternate names   Eastern Ghao-Xong, Eastern Miao, Eastern West-Hunan Miao, Ghao-Xong, Hsianghsi Miao, Meo Do, Northern Miao, Red Meo, Red Miao
Dialects  Not inherently intelligible with other varieties of Miao.
Classification  Hmong-Mien, Hmongic, Xiangxi
A member of macrolanguage Hmong [hmn] (China).
Comments  Part of Miao nationality. ‘Maojiahua’ is a variety of Chinese spoken by about 20,000 of Miao nationality in southwest Hunan, Chengbu Miao Autonomous County, Xining and Suining, and in northeast Guangxi, Longshen Pan-nationalities Autonomous County and around Ziyuan, with 7 tones. Traditional religion.
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