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A language of Algeria

ISO 639-3oua

Population  5,000 (1995).
Region  South of Constantine, near Mzab. Ouargla and Ngou├ža are main centers.
Language map  Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Western Sahara
Alternate names   Ouargla, Ouargli, Wargla
Dialects  Ouedghir (Wadi), Temacin, Tariyit. Related to Tumzabt [mzb], Temacine Tamazight [tjo], Taznatit [grr]. Only moderate comprehension of Tumzabt. Tariyit dialect is spoken by the Haratine (former slaves of the Ouargli people).
Classification  Afro-Asiatic, Berber, Northern, Zenati, Mzab-Wargla
Language use  Vigorous. Positive attitude. Also use Arabic.
Language development  Dictionary.
Comments  Muslim.
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