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Shina, Kohistani

A language of Pakistan

ISO 639-3plk

Population  200,000 (1981 census).
Region  Kohistan District, NWFP, east bank Indus River, Jalkot, Palas, and Kolai valley areas.
Language map  Northern Pakistan, reference number 23
Alternate names   Kohistani, Kohistyo, Palasi-Kohistani
Dialects  Palasi, Jalkoti, Kolai. A somewhat divergent variety of Shina linguistically and socially. More similar to Shina [scl] of Chilas, but more distant from Gilgit [scl] dialect.
Classification  Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Northwestern zone, Dardic, Shina
Language use  Good vitality. All domains. All ages. Positive attitude.
Comments  Muslim (Sunni).