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Quechua, Cajatambo North Lima

A language of Peru

ISO 639-3qvl

Population  7,000 (2000 SIL), decreasing. 2,800 monolinguals.
Region  Northeast Lima Department: Copa, Cajatambo, Huancapón, northern Manas districts; northeast Gogor and southeast Ancash departments: Pacllón, La Primavera, Mangas (south of Llamac River and east of Pativilca River) districts.
Language map  Peru, reference number 16
Dialects  74% intelligibility of Huamalíes Quechua [qvh].
Classification  Quechuan, Quechua I
A member of macrolanguage Quechua [que] (Peru).
Language use  Official language. Family, community. Mainly adults. Some use some Spanish.
Language development  Literacy rate in L1: Below 1%. Literacy rate in L2: 25%.
Comments  SOV. Christian.