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A language of Paraguay

ISO 639-3sap

Population  6,810 (2007 Perik). 785 Sanapana, 1,085 Angaite, and 9,350 Enlit. Ethnic population: 6,814.
Region  Chaco. Sanapana north of Angaite and Lengua; Boquerón, Presidente Hayes Department, Galbán River; many at Salazar Ranch, La Patria, and Esperanza. Angaite in southeast Chaco, Presidente Hayes Department, Boquerón, San Carlos.
Language map  Paraguay, reference number 15
Alternate names   Lanapsua, Quiativis, Quilyacmoc, Saapa, Sanam
Dialects  Sanapana, Angaite (Angate), Enlit (Enlhet), Covavitis (Covahloc). Lexical similarity: 85% with Northern Lengua [leg].
Classification  Mascoian
Language use  Vigorous. All ages. Some also use Lengua [leg] or Paraguayan Guaraní [gug].
Language development  Taught in primary schools. Bible portions: 1994–2007.
Comments  ‘Kasnatan’ may be alternate name. Agriculturalists; plantation laborers; cattle hands.
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