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A language of Senegal

ISO 639-3sav

Population  114,000 (2007), increasing.
Region  Triangle southwest of and near Thiès (between Diamniadio, Popenguine, and Thiès). 60 villages: 43 are over 80% Saafi, 8 are under 50%.
Language map  Senegal and the Gambia, reference number 27
Alternate names   Saafi, Safen, Safi, Safi-Safi, Sereer Saafen, Serer-Safen, Serere-Saafen
Dialects  Boukhou, Sebikotane, Sindia, Hasab, Diobass. Dialects are named after villages and a zone (Diobass). Lexical similarity: 74% with Noon [snf], Lehar [cae], and Palor [fap]; 68% with Ndut [ndv]; 22% with Serer-Sine [srr].
Classification  Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Atlantic, Northern, Cangin
Language use  National language. Vigorous. Most domains. All ages. Positive attitude. Also use Wolof [wol], Ndut [ndr], French, Serer-Sine [srr], English, Spanish, Pulaar [fuc], Palor [fap].
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: 40% French. Desire for Saafi-Saafi literature. Radio programs.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  ‘Saafen’ is the name of the area, ‘Saafi’ is the people name, ’Saafi-Saafi’ is the name of the language. SVO; nontonal. Peasant agriculturalists; jobs in capital. Muslim, traditional religion, Christian.