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A language of Pakistan

ISO 639-3scl

Population  300,000 in Pakistan (1981 census), increasing. Population total all countries: 321,000.
Region  North, Gilgit District, scattered villages in Yasin and Ishkoman valleys, Punial, Gilgit, Haramosh, lower Hunza Valley; Diamer District, Chilas area, Darel and Tangir valleys, Astor Valley; scattered areas of Baltistan District, Satpara, Kharmang, Kachura, and other small valleys; NWFP, east part of Kohistan District, Sazin, Harban. Also in India.
Language map  Northern Pakistan, reference number 15
Alternate names   Brokpa, Shinaki, Sina
Dialects  Gilgiti (Gilgit, Punial, Hunza-Nagar, Bagrote, Haramosh, Rondu, Bunji), Astori (Astor, Gurezi, Dras, Satpara, Kharmangi), Chilasi Kohistani (Chilas, Darel, Tangir, Sazin, Harban). Gilgit functions as the language standard. Shina is the primary language in Gilgit and Diamer districts. Lexical similarity: 79%–99% within Gilgiti (Northern) dialect subgroup, 81%–96% with Astori (Eastern) subgroup, 84%–98% with Chilas (Diamer) subgroup.
Classification  Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Northwestern zone, Dardic, Shina
Language use  Good vitality. All domains. All ages. Positive attitude.
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: Urdu. Bible portions: 1929.
Writing system  Arabic script.
Comments  ‘Brokpa’ is used for Shina speakers in Baltistan and Ladakh. ‘Brokskat’ refers to their language and also is used semiofficially in India to refer to a highly divergent variety of Shina spoken by Buddhists. Muslim (Shi’a and Sunni).

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Language name   Shina
Population  21,000 in India (2006).
Region  North Kashmir, Dras Valley, Kishenganga Valley, Gurais area.
Alternate names  Shinaki, Sina
Dialects  Drasi, Gurezi.
Language use  Many in Dras Valley also speak Purik [prx], but there are villages in Dras Valley where only Shina is spoken.
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: 31% for Tamil Nadu.
Comments  Called ‘Shin’. Open to education and jobs outside the area. Distinct from Brokskat [bkk]. Buddhist, traditional religion, Muslim (Sunni and Shi’a).