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A language of Democratic Republic of the Congo

ISO 639-3sub

Population  50,000 (1980 UBS).
Region  South Bandundu Province, west of Feshi, Moanza and Mwela areas.
Language map  Southern Democratic Republic of Congo
Alternate names   Kisuku
Dialects  One report says that it is not in the Yaka (H.30) subgroup, but in the Kongo subgroup (H.10). Another says it is in Holu (K.10).
Classification  Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, Benue-Congo, Bantoid, Southern, Narrow Bantu, Central, H, Yaka (H.30)
Language use  Vigorous. A few also use Kituba [ktu].
Language development  Bible portions: 1973.
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