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A language of Malaysia (Sabah)

ISO 639-3tgb

Population  8,850 (2007).
Region  Kota Marudu and Kota Belud districts; Kota Kinabalu towns, others.
Language map  Malaysia - Sabah, reference number 103
Alternate names   Tabilong, Tobilang, Tebilung
Dialects  Low intelligibility with Coastal Kadazan [kzj]; moderate intelligibility with Kimaragang [kqr] and Rungus [drg].
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, North Borneo, Sabahan, Dusunic, Dusun
Language use  Stronger in villages in the interior. Home, market, village. All ages. Positive attitudes. L2 used in school.
Language development  Standard Malay [zsm] used in school and formal settings. Dictionary.