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Tagbanwa, Central

A language of Philippines

ISO 639-3tgt

Population  2,000 (1985 SIL).
Region  Northern Palawan.
Language map  Southern Philippines, reference number 107
Dialects  Intelligibility with Tagbanwa [tbw] (Lamane) 29%, with Calamian Tagbanwa 56%, with Cuyonon [cyo] 61%. Low comprehension of Filipino [fil]. Lexical similarity: 56% with Tagbanwa [tbw] (Lamane), 57% with Calamian Tagbanwa [tbk], 48% with Cuyonon [cyo], 40% with Tagalog [tgl].
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Philippine, Greater Central Philippine, Palawanic
Language use  Also use Cuyunon [cyo].