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A language of Thailand

ISO 639-3tnz

Population  Ethnic population: 300 (2000 D. Bradley).
Region  South, 2 areas. Also in Malaysia (Peninsular).
Language map  Southern Thailand, reference number 54
Alternate names   Mos
Dialects  Satun. Probably similar to Kensiu [kns].
Classification  Austro-Asiatic, Mon-Khmer, Aslian, North Aslian, Tonga
Language use  May have no remaining speakers (2000 D. Bradley).

Also spoken in:

Malaysia (Peninsular)

Language name   Tonga
Region  Northwest tip north of Kaki.
Language map  Malaysia - Peninsular, reference number 2
Alternate names  Mos Tean-ean
Dialects  Satun.