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A language of Micronesia

ISO 639-3yap

Population  6,590 in Micronesia (1987 Yap census). Population total all countries: 7,170.
Region  Caroline Islands, Yap Island, 10 islands. Also in United States.
Language map  Federated States of Micronesia
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Central-Eastern, Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Oceanic, Yapese
Language use  National language. Vigorous.
Language development  Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 1973.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  VSO. Agriculturalists: yams, banana, betel nut, breadfruit, Tahitian chestnut, mango, papaya, cassava, sweet potato, sugarcane, turmeric; animal husbandry: pigs, poultry; fishermen. Traditional religion, Christian.