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Zimbabwe Sign Language

A language of Zimbabwe

ISO 639-3zib

Population  No estimate available.
Alternate names   Zimsign
Dialects  Zimbabwe School Sign, Masvingo School Sign, Zimbabwe Community Sign. Sign language used in Masvingo is different from that used in other schools. Sign language used in schools and that used by adults outside is different. It is not clear if they are inherently intelligible to each other. Some educators desire standardization. May be relationships to sign languages from Germany, Ireland, Australia, England, South Africa.
Classification  Deaf sign language
Language use  Deaf people go to different schools, each using a different sign language. Primary schools for deaf children since the 1940s. The Ministry of Education opening more spaces for deaf students in special classes in local schools. Little research on the sign language. Deaf community is strong in terms of individual identity. Lives lived around deaf social networks and activities.
Language development  Literacy in English is better among some deaf people than others, but generally limited. Quite limited in Shona, mainly known by those from Masvingo. TV.
Comments  There is a manual alphabet used for spelling English, possibly related to that in South Africa.
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